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How to Choose Your Wedding Theme & Style

November 14, 2017 0 Comments

Are you in the early stages of planning your wedding and eagerly seeking Pinterest for the perfect color palette or theme? Whether you have a general idea already in mind or you are starting your research with a broad search, there are a few key ways to narrow your wedding day style.

Look for Inspiration Around You

Some of the best wedding designers out there today suggest exploring ideas beyond other weddings. You might be surprised to find a bit of inspiration from a movie, show, favorite place, time period or book. Pay more attention to other things, too, like advertisements, restaurants/bars, stores or hotels. Try to find something that speaks to you personally and catches your eye.

Keep Track of Your Ideas

As you start to explore your options, be sure you won’t lose track of them! Whether you keep notes in your wedding to-do list planner or book, create a photo album on your phone, or start pinning away ideas to your wedding Pinterest board, have a place where all your ideas come together so you can compare them side by side.

Consider Traditional Wedding Themes

Not looking for something too far out from what others have done before? Or want a style to begin with and adjust to be your own? Take a look at samples for weddings in the following themes to get you started: vintage, antique, rustic, urban, boho, tropical, dark and moody, earthy or elegant.

Take a Quiz

Still in doubt? Try the Knot’s “What Should Your Wedding Theme Be?” Quiz! Once you get the results, use this as a basis for fine-tuning your ideas.

Ask Yourself a Few Questions

No matter what your theme or style is, there are a few other factors you need to remember before you make the final decision. Be sure to ask yourself (or your soon-to-be spouse) the following questions to help guide you:

  • When you think about your big day, are you envisioning something outside or inside?
  • If you’ve been to other weddings before, which ones did you enjoy the most?
  • Where might you have your wedding celebration? Is your ideal venue nearby, in another city or in another state? What type of setting does it offer?

When in Doubt: Hire a Wedding Planner

Although the final decision of a specific color palette, theme and style should ultimately be your decision, hiring a wedding planner, coordinator or designer can significantly help you narrow your focus and stick to your theme.

Contact a Premier Wedding Florist in Kentucky

Getting married in Louisville or Lexington? Florals and greenery can make your special day stand out in a truly unique way that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether you already have floral ideas in mind for your wedding or you are hoping to achieve a specific look and feel, reach out to Roots Floral Design for elegant bouquets, ceremony backdrops and more for a truly romantic wedding in Kentucky!

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