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The Importance of Vendor Relations

February 6, 2017 0 Comments

Before we jump head first into a topic we are so excited to share, let us, as the authors of this post, introduce ourselves:

I’m Cam, and I am the owner of Camilia Lund Photography. I specialize in fresh, romantic wedding photography striving to capture the genuine connection, and in-between moments that make you feel loved.

Our other author is Kaytee Stice who is the owner of Roots Floral Design. A floral business that specializes in organic and adventurous flower design that brings a touch of romantic whimsy to your wedding day.

Together we share a love of providing an experience as a vendor that focuses on communication, and collaboration to help create our client’s dreams together.

We met during a styled shoot in 2016 and a wonderful friendship was born. We both have kindred taste and similar outlooks and opinions on how to better deliver our wedding experiences. We both believe that educating our clients is the first step we can provide to deliver flawless customer service. We’re really excited about this new writing partnership and hope to provide countless blog posts that will not only educate, but also help our brides plan their wedding day. The unique thing about this particular post is that the information you read about today will also help any vendor that is in the wedding industry. So vendors, don’t leave quite yet! Stick around and we promise what we’ve written today will benefit your business.

Why are Vendor Relationships Important?

So, why should knowing about vendor relations be important for your wedding day?

Having a photographer who is willing, but more importantly wanting, to connect and work with other vendors on your wedding day can make a night or day difference. Kaytee especially feels strongly about this topic.
“For most weddings, I personally reach out to each vendor involved. I introduce myself and ask for a timeline of events (this especially applies for the vendor providing the wedding cake). For photographers however, I always ask if we can meet before the wedding has started so I can get a few styled shoots of some of the arrangements I’ve made. Weddings are a time of celebration; so often the corsages, boutonnieres, etc. get squished or ruined during all the hugging and excitement. This is completely normal and expected! However, as a florist who puts so much thought and effort into each piece; it is important to me that I have some photos of the arrangements for my portfolio. Having a photographer who understands and appreciates the love I have for my work really shines through on a busy and sometimes stressful wedding day, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only vendor who has ever felt this way. So many vendors rely on photographers to provide professional and beautiful photos of their work. There is one particular photographer who I’ve worked with that has embraced this idea fully.
Talia, from Talia Photography, first reached out to me in early 2016, asking if I wanted to participate in a styled shoot. A wonderful vendor relationship was formed. We collaborated on a few more styled shoots throughout the year and eventually Talia recommended me to one of her brides, and that particular bride ended up booking me. On the wedding day, Talia met me in the parking lot of the wedding venue. I was busy putting on the final touches of the bridesmaid bouquets and getting the ribbon on the bridal bouquet. Due to an accident on the highway I was running a little bit behind schedule. As much as I love getting styled shoots of my arrangements, being on time to a wedding comes first! Even though I probably looked a little frazzled, Talia asked if she could take the boutonnieres and style them on a tray I had brought. This was something we had previously discussed and planned for. It wasn’t until I received the gallery that I had remembered that moment, and that photo is something that I now treasure and have shared on multiple social media platforms. Not only did her act help my business, but by me sharing multiple photos from that day, she has received exposure as well. It might not be something a bride would think about, but this winter bride was able to have wonderful photos of the tiny but impactful details of her wedding day; while we as two vendors, took some extra effort to help out each other’s businesses and form a great business relationship.”

There are two things we can learn from this experience. One, as a bride, it is incredibly important that you choose vendors who embody community over competition. Not only will your vendors appreciate that, your wedding day will run smoother and in this particular case; you’ll receive wonderful detailed photos of your day that you can remember forever.
A lot happens behind the scenes on your wedding day. If you’ve hired a professional vendor, they will do all in their power to make sure that your day runs smoothly. In some cases however, due to lack of communication, or tough personalities, wedding vendors can find themselves frustrated and stressed. Cam shares more about this. “I can attest that having all vendors that are professional, and provide a cohesive timeline, allows the wedding day to run a lot smoother. It will help all of the vendors work together seamlessly, and be able to plan for little hiccups that every wedding day has.
In my experience, vendors that tend to have less of a team spirit, can make the wedding day harder for the bride and groom. Make sure you jive with the people at your venue, because they help run the way the day runs, and each vendor will be in direct communication with them. You can never go wrong by interviewing past bride and grooms of each vendor to collect a story of testimonials to be sure you are making the right choice for your big day. You will avoid any kind of wedding disaster, and they do happen when vendors are uncooperative.”
Brides are hardly ever made aware of the setback from the wedding day because it is a vendor’s job to get their service done in a non-dramatic manner. But we would like to think that by addressing this problem to the surface, our future brides could now keep this in mind when hiring their vendors.

Taking Advantage of Wedding Blogs

You’ve heard us talk multiple times about “styled shoots” in this article. So, what are they exactly? It is basically a staged wedding themed setup so vendors can have free creative reign and showcase work that really embodies their true style. We as vendors like doing styled shoots because it is a great way for us to meet other creatives in the industry that have a similar styled brand as we do.
Finding multiple vendors with the same style has never been easier! By searching tags that are posted in each published blog post, you are able to not only search for vendors in your area, but you can also find vendors who have already worked together to create what we like to call “The Dream Team”. Your wedding dream team has most likely already worked together, and by searching these online wedding blogs, you can find just the right wedding dream team for you.

How to Choose Vendors with Similar Styles

We’ve established reasons on why we want to choose vendors that value inter-creative relationships; but let’s take it a step further and analyze the importance of hiring vendors that all embody a certain kind of style.
As a photographer, Cam has realized just how important it is with the photographer and videographer relationship. “Photographers and videographers will be working together most of the time on the wedding day, and helping create images and video together. It is so important that they come together in vision and taste, so as to complement each other in capturing the bride and groom. If they are opposites, the photos and video will be totally disconnected instead of heightening the experience and documentation of your wedding day.”
Typically brides hire their photographers first. If you find your photographer on Instagram, you will see a highly curated feed of beautiful images that should have the same editing style and feel. For other vendors, this perfect portfolio doesn’t come so easy. Vendors who are not photographers rely on other professionals to photograph their work. Because we don’t have a say in who our wonderful brides hire to photograph their wedding, our social media feeds often have several different styles present.
So, how can you decide what vendors should work together for your wedding day? Don’t worry, just keep Reading!
All vendors should have a basic bio on any kind of social media account. It is how you can tell what the difference is between one particular vendor compared to another. We have several examples to share on what we mean by this.

Blush Creative Studio does branding and creates websites. From her Instagram feed, we can tell that she loves white spaces, minimalism, and a pop of blush. Without ever going to her website we can tell right away that she will create a romantic and minimalistic website that is sure to make your heart swoon.

Many is the genius behind her floral business, The Potted Pansy. Her Instagram is one of our favorites. Right away you can tell what her style and brand is all about. “textural, romantic, moody, and bold”, she describes her brand right in her bio and from her pictures, she hit those adjectives spot on.

This feed gives us all the feels. We love seeing each post Brylo Wed posts. Again, from the bio you can read “minimal + artistic letterpress + creative direction”. Looking her the photos, minimal and artistic is right.

It is clear that each vendor we have listed has a clear brand and style, despite having an array of different styled images.
Went on Instagram and can’t take away a distinct style? Check out the vendor’s website. We as vendors take great pride in our tiny corner of the virtual world and usually always showcase our best work on either our homepage or portfolio tab. Along with photos you can usually tell by colors, font type, and choice of words what that style that vendor is all about.

As you choose wedding vendors that are kindred spirits in taste and vision, your wedding will become something they are all excited about. It is inevitable your wedding day will take on a new level of creativity and excitement for each vendor, and when this happens, magic happens. Creativity is heightened as vendors are able to collaborate together with the bride and groom, and will help in executing an even more perfect day.


This post was written by Kaytee Stice (Roots Floral Design) and Camilia Lund (Camilia Lund Photography)

Kaytee Stice