These bridals are what vintage dreams are made of. The dress, the manor; everything about this shoot was classy and it all came together perfectly. Read on to learn more about my feelings towards meeting new creatives and to see how perfectly these photos turned out.

Meeting Other Creatives in the Wedding Industry

One of the things I love about my job is the other creatives in the industry that I get to meet and work with. I cannot make it in this industry as a florist alone. In order to put my work out there for future clients to see, I need a professional photographer to take photos of my work. Anyone with an active blog or Instagram account knows how important it is that your work is photographed professionally. People like looking at nice, edited photos. Luckily, I live in an area where there is no shortage of photographers. I literally have hundreds upon hundreds of photographers to choose from. Even though I have quantity at my fingertips, I’m really needing quality and a certain kind of aesthetic. Over the years I’ve been drawn to a certain type of editing and shooting style and I’ve reached out to those creatives in hopes they find my work aesthetically pleasing and would want to make some magic happen. Working with these individuals have been such a joy! I love it! My job is never boring and it is never the same. Watching people in their element, doing the thing that they love, is fascinating. I love working alongside someone whose heartbeat quickens when they see the work they have created come to life. I’ve thought over and over again that “these are my people”. Sounds completely strange and cheesy (and I’m really hoping my friends will still talk to me after this?) but it’s the truth. I LOVE working with other artists.

Talia is a photographer that reached out to me asking if I wanted to participate in a collaboration for a styled shoot. I had never met this wonderful soul named Talia before. I’m always so honored when someone asks if I, me, Kaytee Stice, wants to be apart of their styled shoot. It’s humbling and it makes my heart swell knowing that another artist likes my work. It is the biggest compliment I could get as a florist. Never having worked with Talia before, I went over to look at her Instagram. This is something that I always do before responding to a collaboration request. Do I like her work? Does she focus on the details? Is it unique? Is it creative? Does it fit in with my own style? I may sound picky, I don’t mean too, but I have found how important it means personally to me that all of these questions get answered with a “heck yes!” before moving forward. Talia’s style has a certain mood to it. In my own words it exudes warmth and happiness. Each photo is perfectly captured, details are exposed, the people in her photos look emotional, vulnerable, comfortable. You know you have talent when you look at a photo and you are emotionally moved by it.

This shoot was taken 9 months ago. (I know seriously right? I need to be better at blogging. I’ll get there I promise) It has been so fun to watch her evolve over the months as a photographer and grow into her own style. As artists and creatives we grow and mature as the months past. We perfect our trade and master the details. It’s really awesome to see someone who was really good then look even better now. I’m stoked because we are working together on another shoot later this month. I know already it’s going to be just as beautiful as this one that was taken almost a year ago.

Vintage Perfection

I typically like photos to be taken outdoors. I really love the natural light, the wind movement, and landscape of shooting outdoors. This shoot opened up my mind to how much potential studio shooting can have. The light (and in some cases, lack of light) of these photos are just amazing. This shoot was actually taken place in someone’s old Victorian styled home. The open bay windows, the warm and dark wooden staircases and architectural details, it was just dreamy. The dress complimented the design of the house completely. We had SIlk and Willow ribbon run almost done to the floor. How is that her ribbon always seems to be the perfect and final touch? I sure love it when everything comes together! What are some of your favorite indoor shoots that you’ve done or seen? Put the link up in the comments! With winter coming I could use a little indoor studio inspiration!

Florist: Talia Photography

Photographer: Roots Floral Design (that’s me!)

Ribbon: Silk and Willow

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Kaytee Stice