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This floral guide is inspired by my love for what I do, which is designing with flowers. I am excited to share this bridal packet with you to help you with your floral planning and to give you a little insight into how truly magical your wedding day can be. I hope this inspires you to dream big and to think of all the details that are important and essential for your special day. Take the time to really think about what you want your wedding day to feel like. What do you want your guests to experience? How can the flowers be arranged in a way that will capture you and your love story? What is the most important part of your wedding day and how can we ensure your flowers add to that? These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself as you explore this guide.



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The price of blooms is one of the biggest surprises during wedding planning. Because flowers are perishable, living organisms, they require a lot of attention and gentle handling. Flowers start their journey with a farmer. The farmer tills the earth, trims and waters hundreds if not thousands of plants, and inspects for insects and disease daily. For some varieties of flowers, it can take years from when a seed is planted for the stems to grow long and durable enough to use for floral design. Once the plant has matured, farmers cut the stems and ship them all over the world to wholesale companies. It is such a wonderful miracle to get the freshest and best blooms from countries such as Japan, Italy, Ecuador, Holland, and more. Since flowers are an investment no matter what, from the beginning I decided to only use the highest quality of flowers. Not all wholesale companies are the same! After much research and trial and error, I have several wholesale companies that I trust to send me only the best product on the market.

After the flowers reach the wholesale company, they are then shipped to florists all over the country to be used for design. By the time flowers reach my studio, they have traveled all over the world and have passed through many caring hands. All blooms need to be shipped to my studio. Once they arrive, each stem needs to be processed. Processing means stripping each stem of greenery, any mold or disease, peeling off guard petals, and giving each stem a fresh cut. The cutting and stripping of each flower ensures freshness and longevity. For an average wedding, my team and I will spend around 4-8 hours processing flowers. All of this work, and we haven’t even gotten to designing yet! Flowers may be expensive, but it is for good reason. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy these beautiful creations. What better way to share their beauty than by displaying them on the most important day of your life.

I know this investment is personal and important. There is a reason why I dedicate such a large part of this floral guide on talking about your floral investment. Below, I carve out each of the important details on why flowers are priced the way that they are. I'll go over the design, how I arrange your flowers. I also talk about how I customize each order to fit your aesthetic and style. I'll talk about the Client Experience, and how important it is. I'll then break down my Pricing Structure and share how I price my floral designs. I'm an open book when it comes to my business and I hope you feel that are you continue to explore this floral guide.


why are flowers such
a large investment?

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 We each process our view of nature differently. It is one of the many reasons why this world is as amazing as it is; we all see things from a different point of view. I love being inspired by how flowers grow naturally in nature. I find them beautiful just as they are. When I decided to do floral design full time, I knew my arrangements would be styled closely to how you would find them in nature. Each of my arrangements have an adventurous and organic design with a touch of romantic whimsy. Each of these descriptive elements bring life and mood to an arrangement. These key adjectives are what make my designs and flowers different from any one else. My arrangements feature the natural carefree personality of flowers while designing within a refined and structured manner. I celebrate movement and texture that greenery and flowers bring to each design, while highlighting each blooms set of characteristics.

Each florist has their own way of designing with flowers.

the design

I believe each wedding should have at least one impactful focal arrangement. Whether it is the arch the couple is saying their vows under, a mantel garland that is above the fireplace, a lush backdrop for a photo booth, or an amazing tablescape. I got into flowers for people to gasp and stare. I got into design so the eye would travel the arrangement and study. I definitely did not get into floral design to be boring. Having an adventurous, impactful arrangement at a wedding will allow your guests to remember your special day once it is all over. We want your wedding to be something no one has ever seen before!

Flowers are naturally romantic. Their textured petals are soft and ruffled. Their leaves have ruffled edges and slight, brownish imperfections. The way each bloom has their own unique smell.... But I find that nothing brings out the romance in an arrangement the way that color can. Color can provide dramatic impact and can create ambiance. While some blooms naturally are bright, most have an earthy undertone. These colors have so much mood and romance to them. I find that when you add an accent color to the wedding, it allows each event to be truly unique.

My arrangements have an organic and adventurous design with a touch of romantic whimsy



Each variety of flower has its own set of characteristics. While processing my flower order, I study each stem. I look at which way the flower wants to lean. I find that forcing a stem a certain way often makes the flower look stiff and out of place. But by placing it where it naturally wants to go, it almost looks like it grew right up from the dirt. I find that this is how flowers look their best. I love having a variety of in-season flowers for each arrangement. Allowing a mix of colors and textures gives each design a sense of life and its own personality.


The first stems I grab when starting an arrangement are greenery. Greenery helps provide the shape and overall fullness to a design. Greenery provides texture, color, and shape to each arrangement and is the foundation for how wild or soft a design will be. I love using unique plants from nurseries or nature to add in character, color, and texture.

After I know the shape and general feel I want to achieve, I grab the focal blooms. These guys are the yummy, mouth watering, eye candy blooms. They are the largest blooms in an arrangement and will be the anchor to the design. I make sure that their color, size, and shape are just perfect so we don’t overwhelm the viewer.



These blooms have a similar shape and color palette to focal blooms, but they are smaller in size. This allows for dimension and depth to be achieved in an arrangement. Layering flowers can allow a story to be told that will leave the viewer staring.

I love to have an organic and natural element in each of my arrangements. These accent textural blooms can be soft and subtle like berries and a variety of greenery or a little more rough around the edges like scabiosa pods or blooming fruit branches. They provide that interesting and different element each arrangement needs and help add in that natural feel without being too overwhelming.



These are the final elements that go into an arrangement. These blooms are soft, light, airy, gently blowing in the wind, and create movement. These flowers usually are found dancing around at the top or sides of a design. They help bring in that romantic and soft element.

Sometimes the final details are the most important. Long silk ribbon allows movement and a sense of whimsy to a bouquet. Centerpiece vessels will determine the vibe and style of a wedding. I have a huge love for vessels and have an abundance of them so my couples and I can pick out the best one for their wedding.



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Wedding flowers arranged by me are one-of-a-kind custom designs that are tailored to each client and event. Each wedding I design is completely customizable. This is something as a florist I am really proud of! I love working alongside my brides to come up with ideas that are unique to them and their love story. Most of my couples have bits and pieces of what they want their wedding to be like, but they can’t see the whole story. Part of my job is to take the overwhelming fountain of information and inspiration and help narrow it down, fill in those gaps, and envision the outcome.

I want each of my couples and their families to have peace of mind. Planning for a wedding can be stressful and I’m here to take that burden off of their shoulders and put it on mine. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a bride relaxed on her wedding day. Although I receive many inquires each year, I am selective on which weddings I take on allowing each couple that I work with to receive my full attention and care. When you work with me I am with you throughout your journey, from the beginning, middle, and end. I’m always just a phone call or email away when concerns or questions arise and have a system in place to ensure everything goes smoothly throughout your entire engagement process. At the beginning stages to learn more about the needs and wants for your wedding, a questionnaire is sent out to each couple that inquires. Once that questionnaire is filled out a visual and pricing proposal is created. Hours go into each proposal to ensure each wedding is unique and special to the bride and groom. During our meeting to go over these proposals, we talk about in-season flowers that are available during your wedding month and each couple gets their own personal flower recipe. I also go over each element of your flower arrangements to ensure that size, shape, and style fits within your vision.

My company, Roots Floral Design, is my full time job. I built this business from the ground up and it’s success is everything to me. I spend hours sourcing, planning, designing, and much more to ensure that everything is perfect on your wedding day. I strive to make sure that each of my couples and their families are completely satisfied with their flowers and my level of service.



My garden-inspired signature design style is highly sought out and popular among newly engaged couples. This type of garden style allows for endless combinations of flower types and colors, thus making each wedding I get to be apart of unique and different. It is why I love my job so much, every weekend brings something new! I love hearing what our couples have envisioned for their wedding day, but I always come prepared with fresh ideas and new, never-before-seen inspiration. I take your venue and wedding theme or style and ensure that the flowers fit within those parameters. You can expect our floral designs to have the best in-season blooms that are lush, whimsical, organic, and textural. No two bouquets are the same, each arrangement is designed specifically with you in mind.

Providing my clients with the best customer service is just as important to me as my signature design style. Ensuring that we are available through email or phone to answer any questions or concerns is vital throughout the wedding planning process. We have easy systems in place where setting up an appointment, viewing proposals, and referring to photos and files are all in one place and easily accessible. We require venue walkthroughs and encourage mockups to ensure that color and design style is cohesive and that myself and the couple are on the same page. Since we’ve been apart of hundreds of weddings, we have a system in place to ensure that wedding day set up and tear down is smooth and seamless. It is worth it to pay for someone with a lot of wedding design experience! Wedding days can sometimes be unpredictable and having a florist who knows how to handle disasters is crucial. My team and I have learned so much over the years that we are prepared to handle anything.



Over the years we have developed close relationships with farmers and wholesalers to ensure that we receive the best product available for each of our weddings. Our sales representatives understand how important flower quality is to me as well as making sure the color is within our design scheme. This relationship has been built up over the years and can only come to a floral designer with experience. Because we order the highest quality of flowers, it comes at a higher price. Paying extra for quality flowers is worth every cent.

It’s simple, the larger the arrangement or installation; the more flowers need to be purchased. We give each of our couples an estimated starting size for all bouquets and centerpieces. We find that this starting size fits well with our couples budgets and tablescape needs. Each installation is completely customized in terms of impact and is discussed during our consultations and questionnaires.



There is a lot of overhead that goes into designing each arrangement. Tape, pins, vessels, chicken wire, floral foam, shears, scissors, frogs...the list of supplies goes on and on. Although we don’t need to buy each supply item for every wedding, we do have to replace each supply item multiple times throughout the year. We have a small fee built into each of our arrangements that helps us cover these costs. Labor is also a large factor when it comes to pricing. The more arrangements and installations a wedding has, the more designers we hire on that weekend to help bring it to life. Again, labor fees are built into each arrangement.

Not every florist offers or can design each arrangement with a garden style feel. We recognize that our look is unique and that we are one of the few floral design companies in our area that can design the way that we can. Because we receive over 100 inquiries each year from couples who specifically desire our signature bouquets and arrangements; we have set ourselves a minimum to help meet that demand.



Why should I hire Roots Floral Design for my wedding flowers?

Flowers are such a large investment for your wedding day that it is completely understandable to do your research on who you should hire for wedding flowers. It is important to understand that while every florist designs differently, each florist also runs their business differently. I strongly suggest to each newly engaged couple to bring a list of questions to your consultation. Really ask the who, why, and how! Make sure that investment is worth every single penny. Below I’ve given just a snippet into what Roots Floral Design is and what my brand stands for.


Since weddings are tailored to each client, events vary with type of flowers used, seasonality of the flowers, impact of each arrangement, amount of desired items, among other variables, thus making my pricing structure event specific. With this type of quoting style, you can always expect pricing to be fair and honest. We provide each of our clients with a pricing proposal that lays out exactly how much each arrangement costs, as well as how much you pay for setup, delivery, tear down, and rentals. You never have to wonder how much you are paying for something and questions regarding why something is priced the way that it is always encouraged! Our pricing is mainly based off of four things:

We transport all of our flowers in an insulated trailer. Our trailer has a Coolbot installed, which allows the trailer to stay at a cool 38-48 degrees (this temperature is best for flowers). We also have a special delivery system called the Seminole Floral Delivery System. This allows all of our arrangements to stay perfectly upright while in transport and allows for easy removal when they need to be brought inside a venue. This delivery system also allows our flowers to not get squished or smashed during delivery. We’ve spent over 5k on customizing our trailer and it was one of the best investments I have made. Peace of mind goes a long way when driving with such delicate flowers. Not every florist will have a trailer like ours, but most should have found other ways to get your arrangements to and from your wedding safely. Making sure your investment is protected is something I take very seriously. To see a sneak peek inside our trailer, hope on over to our Instagram page and click on the highlighted story labeled "Cooler Wheels".

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Roots Floral Design is a Kentucky based wedding florist that serves newly engaged couples in Kentucky and Ohio. Roots Floral Design has been featured in award-winning online wedding publications, published in highly sought out magazines, and has had a wedding shown on national television. Her schooling in fashion and interior design has helped her along her journey in floral design.

Kaytee brings a fresh and organic take on wedding floral design, allowing each wedding she does to be completely customizable to each couple and event. Roots Floral Design only takes on a select amount of weddings each year, therefore allowing each couple to receive her full attention and care. Kaytee works out of her in-home studio in northern Kentucky where she meets with clients, provides mockups, and designs full weddings.

When she isn’t neck deep in blooms, Kaytee loves to spend time in the outdoors hiking or rock climbing with her husband, daughter, and two dogs as well as putting together puzzles and trying new restaurants. 


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Below are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to email me with any other concerns at rootsfloraldesign@gmail.com. To learn more about pricing, please fill out an inquiry form on my website: www.rootsfloraldesign.com/contact.

Questions and concerns are natural during this process. There is so much information regarding flowers and all of your questions are encouraged!


Since flowers are grown best in certain climates and seasons; they are shipped from all over the world to my studio here in Kentucky. Shipping overnight from Holland, Ecuador, Japan, etc. is expensive! Upon arrival to my studio, there are hours of processing, preparation, and designing involved. Flowers are delicate and perishable. I have state of the art coolers and the best tools to ensure they are in the best condition for your wedding day. To learn in more details about the price of flowers, click here and here.

Although floral costs are based on multiple factors, a good start is to set aside a floral budget that is around 20% of your overall wedding budget. Each wedding is different and if flowers are to be a main focus of the wedding, my couples set aside an appropriate budget that will allow for that.



While this isn’t the case for all flower types, I can typically get most blooms anytime throughout the year. Flowers that are out of season will cost more and may only be available in certain colors and sizes. I like to think of myself as a flower fairy and I try to order blooms that will achieve the look you desire.

As soon as the inquiry form is filled out, a questionnaire is sent to allow me to get all the important details for your wedding day. Once the questionnaire is filled out and sent back to me, I usually meet with my brides within the week. Getting them booked and on the calendar is never long after that!



We have a ton of inventory for our brides to rent and use. You can view these rental items on our website. To receive the password to access the gallery please email us at rootsfloraldesign@gmail.com.

We understand that not everyone’s schedule can accommodate an in-person meeting (especially our destination couples!). We use Zoom to meet our couples virtually where we can see each other and share the proposal that way. 



To find out if I’m available for your wedding date and to see a personalized visual and pricing proposal, please fill out an inquiry form on our website. I will be in touch with you shortly!


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