2017-2018 Wedding Floral Trends to Love

2017-2018 Wedding Floral Trends to Love

August 10, 2017 0 Comments

While there are many wedding styles that have increased in popularity over the last few years, only a select few of these fads are timeless and are likely to stick around for a while. As a wedding florist, I see new color palettes, styles, themes, and specific flowers that become the “must have” for brides each year.

For weddings in 2017 and 2018, I’m beginning to see a few gorgeous trends that I absolutely love — and you should, too! Take a look at these floral trends to spark your wedding inspiration.

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Muted Tones and Earthy Colors

In 2017, there has been a huge shift in color trends, and I expect this will extend far into 2018 as well. Arrangements in the past used to be bright, bold, and loud. Over the next couple of years, you’ll notice an increase in neutral, soft, and earthy undertones.

And this doesn’t mean they won’t be colorful! They will simply have a more organic color palette to them, focused on more natural colors with a softer style. Out of all the trends I’ve seen growing popularity, this is by far my favorite!

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Natural Elements

What goes best with flowers? Other natural elements of course! More weddings now than ever before are including wedding ceremony decorations that have a truly organic feel — and I love it!

We will be seeing lots of pinecones, leaves, branches, varieties of greenery, and other natural elements intermixed in our arrangements this year and next year. Having these elements will give a beautiful texture that every bride is craving. These natural additions are subtle, earthy, and cost friendly. They can also say a lot about the theme or season, which makes it all the more fun to plan and decorate.

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Lots of Green

Whether it’s a beautiful garland winding down the handrails on a wedding venue staircase, or soft sage centerpieces along the reception tables, more couples are beginning to add more greenery to their wedding decor.

There are also many brides adding a touch of this beautiful color palette to their wedding-day hairstyles and bridal bouquets, letting the leaves take on a more important role in bringing an organic vibe to their wedding.

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Over-the-Top Floral Installations

Whether you are saying your vows or shedding a tear during your Maid of Honor’s speech, a flower installation gives the the right amount of impact to “wow” your guests without taking away from the moment. I truly believe that each arrangement should only enhance your wedding day and never take away from the love that is being celebrated.

Some beautiful examples include hanging floral arrangements above reception tables, dramatic flower backdrops for indoor ceremonies, and the ever-so-gorgeous vine-and-drape archway combo!

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Transform a Wedding Floral Trend Into Something Unique!

Who says your wedding can’t be both trendy and out of the ordinary? Let’s find ways to blend these gorgeous trends with a bit of character and personality that is uniquely ‘you’!

Roots Floral Design is a premier wedding florist based in Ohio specializing in unique, romantic and elegant florals and greenery. Florals and greenery can make your special day stand out in a truly unique way that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether you already have floral ideas in mind for your wedding or you are hoping to achieve a specific look and feel, reach out to Roots Floral Design for elegant and romantic bouquets, centerpieces and more for a truly romantic wedding in Ohio!

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