Organic and adventurous design with a touch

romantic whimsy.


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Roots tell a story of the past and give a sign of strength for the future. As a wedding florist in Cincinnati, my designs have a raw, textured, and natural look to them. I like to have my arrangements and installations look as if they are growing right up from the ground. I find that flowers look best when arranged closely to how you would find them in nature.

I'm known for organic and adventurous designs with a touch of romantic whimsy. My arrangements feature the natural carefree personality of flowers while still designing within a refined and structured manner. I celebrates the movement that greenery and flowers bring to each design while highlighting each blooms set of characteristics. My garden-inspired signature design style is highly sought out and popular among newly engaged couples and I enjoys the endless customization each wedding brings to my career.

Roots Floral Design serves couples in Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Columbus. I welcome any opportunity to travel for destination weddings.

Although roots may not be beautiful to the eye, they hold such great meaning and symbolism. 


Wedding flowers arranged by Roots Floral Design are one-of-a-kind custom designs that are tailored to each client and event. Events vary with the type of flowers used, seasonality of the flowers, impact of each arrangement, amount of desired items, among other variables, thus making her pricing structure

event-specific. As a wedding florist in Cincinnati, Roots Floral provides complete customized proposals to each couple and can work within a variety of price points. Although she gets many inquiries each year, she is selective on the weddings she takes on allowing each client to receive her full attention and care.

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