About Roots Floral Design and Kaytee Stice, Utah wedding florist

Roots Floral Design is a Ohio and Kentucky wedding florist located in the Cincinnati area, but serving brides all over each state and country. Roots Floral has been featured on award-winning online wedding publications, published in highly sought out magazines, and has had a wedding shown on national television. Her schooling in fashion and interior design and helped her along her journey in floral design.

New to the Ohio River Valley, Kaytee brings a fresh take on wedding floral design. Serving Covington, Cincinnati, and surrounding locations, Kaytee will bring a modern and adventurous feel to your most-special day.

When she isn't neck deep in blooms, Roots Floral loves to spend time outdoors with her husband and Pomsky, Remington.

"Some may wonder why I have chosen one of the uglier parts of a flower as my Utah wedding florist business name. If you think about it, it is the roots that sustain and give life to a flower. Roots give the nutrients and stability that a flower needs. The stronger the roots, the better chance a flower can make it through a storm.

Just like in a flower, our own roots can say a lot about us. Our roots tell us where we have been, where we are going, and where we are currently planted.

Although roots may not be beautiful to the eye, they hold such great meaning and symbolism. I like to use this symbol for inspiration to my designs. My designs often have a raw, textured, and natural look to them. I like to have my arrangements and installations look as if they were growing right up from the ground. I find that flowers look best when arranged closely to how you would find them in nature.

I like to think inspiration comes from everywhere, but I find that I mostly find it in nature. I also often take inspiration from my clients personalities and passions. Every couple and individual is unique, just like every flower is unique, and therefore each arrangement will be special. Even though each arrangement will vary in design, I approach each project with a similar technique. My arrangements have an organic and adventurous design with a touch of romantic whimsy. Blooms flow loosely off of vessels, textured and vibrant greenery add depth, accent whimsy blooms create dimension, and focal flowers catch and captivate the eye.

I've worked with many mediums before, but flowers have been my favorite and I think once you see them on your event day, they will become your favorite too.”

-Kaytee Stice, Founder of Roots Floral Design

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