Pergola - Adventurous wedding floral design


March 1, 2016 0 Comments

My designs are adventurous.

I believe each wedding should have at least one impactful focal arrangement. Whether it is the arch you are saying your vows under, or a mantel garland that is above the fireplace, or a lush backdrop for a photo booth. A goal I have for each wedding I do is for the guests to leave thinking,

“Wow! I have never seen that before!”

Every wedding is beautiful, but I like to think each wedding I do is incredible. I offer the traditional wedding arrangements, but it’s not why I got into wedding floral design. I got into flowers for people to gasp and stare. I got into design so the eye would travel the arrangement and study. I definitely did not get into design to be the same as everyone else and to have flowers be boring. Allowing your budget to have one incredible, adventurous, and impactful arrangement at your wedding will allow them to actually remember your wedding. It will leave them thinking about it, talking about it. Your friends and guests will linger and admire. It will be photographed and shared and more importantly, remembered.

I have found that sometimes it is hard for brides to trust me with this. “Adventurous” is a broad word that can mean many things. My design process involves extensive communication and visual proposals. I understand that it is not easy to hand over all your trust to someone you just barely met. So I try to make this process educational and as easy as possible.  I promise though, it is worth the risk and trust. Each impactul arrangement I have designed leaves my client breathless. A little trust can go a long way for a florist, and I embrace every second of it.

March 2, 2016

Kaytee Stice