An organic wedding floral display with organic shapes and greenery


March 3, 2016 0 Comments

My designs are Organic.

I find that arrangements often look best when they closely resemble how they naturally grow in nature. Roses grow in clusters, and often are slightly drooping because of their large heads. Poppies have interesting stem lines, twisting and curving in curious ways. Anemones often have straight stems, their necks reaching up towards the sun. Each variety of flower has its own set of characteristics and I try to have each arrangement I design to look like they grew straight up from the ground. While processing my flower order, I study each stem. I look at which way the flower wants to lean. I find that forcing a stem a certain way often makes the flower look stiff and out of place. But by placing it where it naturally wants to go, it almost looks like it grew right up from the dirt. I find that this is how flowers look their best.

I love to add a few varieties of flowers of what I like to call “accent textured blooms” to each arrangement. Astrantia, berries, Wax Flower, Astilbe, Queen Anne’s Lace…I could list these kinds of flowers forever. They are my favorite blooms to order and always fill the space when I feel like something is missing from an arrangement. These types of flowers range from a desert-y roughness to a delicate, soft, and airy. They have such quirky and exciting personalities that are never boring. They are the perfect bloom to add that dimension and depth to a design.

Greenery is one of the most underused bloom in the wedding industry. It can add so much interest and dimension to an arrangement. I find that when I add in that organic and textured greenery, my arrangements are enhanced and given a beautiful shape that otherwise would have left the arrangement looking flat and round. Greenery allows each arrangement I design to have its own shape, allowing each arrangement to be completely unique to you and your wedding day. That is something that is so personal and important to me, that each bride I work with has something special and meaningful to them.

Even though analyzing each stem takes time, I’ve come to appreciate each flower I work with and its own personality that it brings. I always had a love for flowers, but by learning and studying its natural habitat I’ve fallen even more in love.

March 2, 2016

Kaytee Stice