How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendors?

October 24, 2017 0 Comments

Although many couples consider their typical budget ranges for a variety of vendors, one of the most common overlooked expenses for wedding planning is the tip at the end of the event. You might be wondering if you should tip at all, which vendors to give tips to, or how much they deserve.

There are a wide range of answers to these questions, but if you need help determining if tipping your wedding vendors is right for you, take a look at the following tips to guide you.

Remember: Not All Vendors Automatically Include Gratuity

While you may have a few vendors that do include gratuity in their final bill, such as your bar staff or catering company, many other wedding professionals don’t have a required tip amount already built into their pricing structure. Before your wedding day arrives, it’s helpful to take a look at what each contract states about gratuity so you know in advance if this is something already included.

Give a Big Thank You

If you were impressed with your vendors, giving them a tip at the end of the night can be one of the nicest compliments they can receive. Although not required, an unexpected tip is always a nice gesture, especially since they helped you create a day you’ll always remember!

Tip Amount Suggestions for Wedding Vendors

Even for those that already include gratuity, you may feel inclined to give them a little extra. For example, your catering staff likely already has gratuity built into the bill, but if you were happy with the work, you might consider giving each staff member an additional $20.

Here are some general guidelines and estimates for tipping other vendors:

  • Officiant (non-clergy): $50
  • Photographer/Videographer: $100 or more for owner(s), $50-75 for assistant(s)
  • Hair and Makeup Artist: 15-20% of total services cost
  • Musicians and DJs: $25-50 per person
  • Wedding Planner/Coordinator: 15-20% of services cost
  • Florist: 15-20% of services cost

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