Part of my drive as being creative is that I’m always looking for new ways to grow as a designer and to create new and different things to allow me to stand out. It is a part of my DNA. I can’t help it. My mind is often swirling with jumbled and confusing thoughts. “What hasn’t been done before? What makes me unique? What would be cool? Would that be cool? No, probably not. What about this…”

It is usually around 3:00 AM while I’m lying in bed wide awake, that I get those jumbled, messy thoughts to come together and complete an amazing idea. Any other creatives out there that can relate to this? Please tell me I’m not alone.

The Idea

I wanted to play with the idea of the natural and care-free bride. Bare feet, messy and uncombed hair. She didn’t want the traditional over the top wedding. She wanted it to be intimate, organic, and stress free. Of course, most brides want these things, but this particular bride had them as her top priority. Even though I’m a florist in the wedding industry I don’t get these kind of brides often. Every once in awhile I’ll be asked to do an elopement, but those are rare. (I CANNOT wait to blog about the elopement I was apart of this summer with Kandice Breinholt, seriously it was all the heart eyes.)

The Location

Instead of doing this shoot outside in nature, I decided that I wanted it to be in a studio. The Charcoal Loft was the perfect place. I wanted a canvas to work in that was unfinished, raw, and had an industrial feel to it. Those words seem quite opposite from the natural, organic, and intimate, adjectives that I was previously using. I guess in my head I didn’t want it to be obvious. Like, “Oh! The natural and organic loving bride in the woods, where she belongs. How obvious and not original at all.” I wanted it to be unique and different. Something that people could possibly relate to. Not everyone wants to be out in the middle of the woods, but there are a handful of people would still want that organic feel.

The Product

I thought a lot about what kind of flowers that I wanted to use. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t actually get flowers until a few hours before the shoot. I promise I’m not that unorganized. Promise. But really though, I struggled. I ended up taking a walk over to my neighbor in the Avenues. She has a beautiful flower garden. When I’m stuck on color palettes, type of flowers, etc; I go to her garden and I always walk away being filled with inspiration. She happened to be outside weeding and clipping away so we started chatting. She has over on top of her fence these rose bush vines. I always admire these rose vines. They are so delicate and sparse. I noticed that most of them were dead, or slightly on their way out. She saw my eyes looking and handed me a pair of huge clippers and said, “Just take them, they will be dead by tomorrow anyways.”

The Outcome

Those dying rose vines? They ended up being my favorite thing about this shoot. They completely surround the bride to be, giving all the romantic feels. The rest of the flowers I foraged, or got at Trader Joe’s. It’s funny how some of my most favorite shoots have been from when I spent the least amount of money. I also find it odd that something I never thought I would use, worked out to be really amazing. I mean, those rose vines are just divine!

What do you think?  Are you that natural/industrial bride? I think after this shoot you can say with confidence that you can definitely have the best of both worlds.

Photographer: Lisa Miller Photography

Florals: Roots Floral Design (that’s me!)

Dress: Janay Marie Designs

Makeup: M’Lisa Hansen









Kaytee Stice