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Roots Floral Design serves clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, D.C., Virgina, Georgia, and more.

What does a typical timeline from inquiry to booked look like?
As soon as your send your inquiry, a questionnaire is sent to you. Once that is completed we schedule a time to meet. It is never long after that that the couple books.

When do I find out about pricing?
After you submit your questionnaire, we will schedule a time for us to meet to go over the pricing proposal.

Do you present your proposals in person?
In order to accommodate the amount of inquiries we receive and to ensure that each client gets the best attention and care, we hold our visual meetings over Zoom. This allows us to meet in the comfort of our own homes while simultaneously sharing the visual and pricing proposals. 

What is a realistic floral investment?
Floral investments are based on multiple factors. Each couple prioritizes differently, but I find that if flowers will be the only decor the event has that my couples set aside an appropriate amount for that. Our investment starts at 8K and our average couple spends 12K-18K.

What if a flower I love is out of season?
While this isn’t the case for some flower varieties, I can typically get most blooms throughout the year. Out of season blooms cost more and only come in certain colors, so I always recommend ordering in season flowers.

Why are flowers priced the way they are?
Since flowers are grown best in certain climates and seasons; they are shipped all over the world to my studio. Shipping overnight from Holland, Ecuador, and Japan, etc. comes at a cost. Upon arrival, there are hours of processing, preparation, and designing involved. To learn more about the price of wedding flowers, click here

How can I schedule a consultation?
To find out if I'm available for your wedding date, fill out an inquiry form and I will get back to you shortly. 

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